The Wiveliscombe & 10 Parishes Business Group


1. The name of the group shall be ‘The Wiveliscombe & 10 Parishes Business Group’ (10PBG)

2. The aim of the group is the advancement of the interests of businesses as well as the economic wellbeing of the 10 Parishes and its environs

3. The objective is to be an enabling group with a membership open to all businesses to:

  • Provide a focus for businesses to come together to develop mutually beneficial relationships and/or discuss matters of mutual interest
  • Raise awareness of Wiveliscombe and the 10 Parishes .
  • Offer help by way of mentoring and general business support
  • Organise meetings, training courses and events.
  • Provide a free entry on our data base


4. Management

(a) The organisation shall be administered by a Management Group of not less than five (5) drawn from the business community supported by working groups from the business sectors; a quorum shall be 5

(b) For the purpose of governance only, a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary having no executive powers shall be elected at the AGM and shall remain in post for a maximum of two years; they may seek re-election

(c) All decisions will be made by consensus

(d) Frequency of Management group meetings shall be as agreed with the focus on business support and events; minutes will be published

5. Finance

(a) Any money obtained by or belonging to the group shall be used only to further the group’s aim.

(b) A budget will be approved in advance by the Management group and only payment of those expenses may be made without further approval; all cheques or other instruments shall be signed by two nominated signatories.

6. Annual General Meeting

The Organisation shall hold an Annual Meeting (AGM) once a year for the purpose of reporting the year’s activities to businesses and all members are welcome.

7. Dissolution

The Group may be wound up at any time by a resolution signed by a majority of members; funds shall pass to a group with similar aims.

 Adopted by the Management Group following a meeting of businesses at the White Hart in Wiveliscombe on 10 February 2014