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  • PLEASE type your info as you would like it to appear. EG: if your name is Peter don’t type peter! We don’t have the resources to edit  lots of misspellings.
  • DO Upload your Pictures using the “Logo” and “Photo” upload options. Otherwise your entry will look a little dull.
    • The “Logo” image IS THE MOST IMPORTANT as it is the one that will show on the front of your entry – although it is 2nd in the upload area. It doesn’t have to be an actual logo, it can be any image that best represents you business (as long as the dimensions are correct – see below).
    • The “Photo” will appear in the Bio section
      They should be around 225px wide x 150px tall or keep the same proportions (1.5 : 1) eg: 450px x 300px – they will automatically be cropped
      • Your photos must be smaller than 2mb, or else it will get lost in the post
  • DO make sure you add your website address if you are a paid up member – it is a valuable backlink to your website
  • You can submit multiple addresses, phone numbers, emails etc. Please remember to specify if they are”Home”, “Work” etc.
    • In Address don’t worry about Longitude & Latitude unless Google Maps gets it wrong!
  • In “Categories” select “All Businesses”
  • Under “Social Media” choose from the drop-down list eg: Facebook – and remember to include the full url e.g.
  • In the “Notes” field you can enter any other information – even a YouTube Video link
  • Please Allow a few days for your listing to appear – as we are run entirely by volunteers!


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    The "Logo" is the most important as it shows on the front of your listing. Images (max 2mb - ideal size 450px wide x 300px high). It can be any image as long as it is in Jpeg, jpg or png format.


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